Newsletter- 15 July 2018

15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Reflection: Mark’s Gospel tells us that Jesus sent out the Twelve. Jesus’ instructions to the apostles are very specific. He repeats the mission that they are sent to preach and to share his authority to heal and to drive out demons. Jesus sends them in pairs, establishing his mission as a communal endeavor. Jesus also instructs them to travel lightly, without the customary food, money, and extra set of clothes. These instructions mean that the Twelve will be dependent on the hospitality of others, just as Jesus depended on others to provide for his needs.

Jesus continues to send us into the world as his disciples. But like the first disciples, we are not sent alone. Jesus has given us the community of the Church, which strengthens our life of discipleship. The Christian message can only authentically be proclaimed in and through the community of faith that is the Church. In our work with others, we build this community of faith and can invite others to share in it.

We Pray for the Sick: Nicholas Nelson, Donni Coakley, P J Tunney, and Carmel McCrann. Veronica Ugo, Lily Rahim, Patrick O’Reilly, Trisha Weldon and Pat Hillman.

Mass this week

Sat 14/07 5:30 pm Vigil Mass of Sunday Martin McCarthy
Sun 15/07 11 am 15th  Sunday of Ordinary Time Sylvia Miyra  (RIP)
Tues 17/07 6 pm Feria Tom Dowd (RIP)
Wed 18/07 11 am Feria Michael Kennedy (RIP)
Thurs 19/07 6 pm Feria Margaret and Aiden McCabe
Fri 20/07 11 am


Feria Margaret McCabe (Private Intention)
Sat 21/07 5:30 pm Vigil Mass of Sunday Chris and  Peter Bagnell
Sun 22/07 11 am 16th  Sunday of Ordinary Time Francis Xavier Augustin (RIP)
Second Collection

Today there is collection for the Apostleship of the Sea.

Today is the Family Mass followed by bring & share meal

Our Family gathering and shared meal is after the 11 am Mass. We will be celebrating St Benedict Patron of Europe. It will be followed by a shared lunch and a children’s party in the back garden.  Please bring a dish to share with others. Everyone is welcome.

Church Repairs and Conference Centre

We need to raise approximately £50,000 over 5 years to cover the cost of essential Church repairs and a new Conference Centre with Kitchen.

Need Cost
Essential Church repairs £32,500
Conference Centre £14,000
Total £46,000 + VAT

Fundraising ideas welcomed.

Baptismal preparation course: The next course will be held on Friday 20th July 2018, at 7 pm in the Lady Chapel. Before attending the course please complete and return a baptism preparation form available on the notice board in the church entrance.

2018/19 Holy Communion and Reconciliation programme for children attending non-Catholic schools, please email your child’s details to the church office.

Red Mission Box

Please return your Red Mission box money in the brown envelopes. The APF do incredibly important work with Christians in the developing World.

Collections   01/07/2018 07/08/07/2018
Cash £ 211.70 £ 153.90
Envelopes £ 58.00 £ 58.00
Total £ 269.70 £ 211.90

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